Due to the ongoing and developing coronavirus pandemic and further to advice from the UK Government we have taken the decision to restrict any travel to client sites to minimum.

Please be assured that RPM IT are well placed to handle this and we will be continuing to work under business as usual conditions. 

RPM IT operates and positively promotes a 'Remote First' policy, this ensures our employees have a better work life balance, enables a stronger and more resilient organisation, reduces our carbon footprint from excessive travel and allows us to work effectively with multiple and globally separated partners.  We have worked hard to implement this and have invested in virtual and electronic communication, adopted a cloud first approach and applied this as a standard company practise. 

If we have any updates we will let individual clients know and continue to update this website.
Our core philosophy:
Testing, testing, testing.

Our core work is the auditing and development of highly
technical and mathematical  spreadsheets and tools for finance and engineering industries.  We understand that at the centre of any these tools are the calculations - these need to be correct!  Therefore our core principle to ensure these calculations are correct is testing -  targeted, automated, extensive and deep dive. 
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