Calculation and model design and build
We design models and calculations, specialising in complex and mathematical problems.  Our modelling services include full business analysis, specification documentation, testing and production.  We have experience working with financial and pensions institutes, engineering and scientific research.   Our flexible approach means we can offer a range of services:
  • Calculation review - let us size the complexity of your problem and suggest an approach to redevelopment or improvement

  • Documentation of an existing calculation or process for quality and audit purposes

  • Model design and advice on which technology and platform you may want to use to communicate to your customers and users.

  • The whole process - we can work with your business to gather  your system and technical requirements, business analysis, specification writing and development, testing, documentation and website hosting. 
Online pension modellers
Online pension modellers enabling users to project benefits, written in .NET.
Population modellers
Desktop population modellers.
Calculation libraries
Calculation libraries that can be integrated in websites, Excel and other applications.
Cloud based web services
We are proud users of the Microsoft Azure Cloud to host our calculation web services.
Excel solutions
We are excel and VBA gurus.  See  Excel analysis, design and build for more details of our Excel services.