Oil and Gas Engineering

RPM IT and DRMM Engineering have teamed up to offer a brand new IT support service to the Oil and Gas Engineering sector, this is our Complete Solution.

C​omplete Solution

Our Complete Solution service offers support to Oil and Gas Engineering companies for complex combined engineering and IT problems.

  • Our unique team is made up of highly qualified and experienced oil engineers, mathematicians and seasoned IT specialists working with each other.
  • We provide a bespoke personal service.
  • We know your industry and have the tools to help.
  • We use our experience gained in other industries to perform complex business, system and calculation analysis and auditing if required.
  • We always take the most pragmatic approach.

IT Solutions – we can tailor out IT offering to suit your needs
  • Business, System and process analysis
  • Develop new engineering and process tools.
  • Review, advise and implement changes to existing IT solutions (eg Excel, spreadsheets, macros)
  • Perform security analysis on spreadsheets
  • Optimisation of spreadsheets/software
  • Complex mathematical spreadsheet analysis
  • Apply consistent design and architecture methodology to spreadsheet and macro/VBA development

​Why use us? No more talking to geeks that don't understand!

We are unique in the market – we understand the needs of your industry and offer qualified engineer as first and primary contact.  We then use IT experts as required to complete the package combining engineering expertise with in depth and wide IT experience.